If you’re an aspiring freelance copywriter… or sell your own products and services online… the few minutes it takes to read this web page could save you months... maybe even years of needless frustration …

Why fledgling freelance copywriters are going hungry... and online marketers are struggling to grow sales ...

From the desk of Daniel A. Levis
Creator of the 5R Web Conversion System

Dear Marketing Fanatic, 
ou're probably expecting the typical sales pitch here about how much money freelance copywriters make ... 

... Or how a simple 10 minute website change will explode your sales by 988.62% ...

And how if you'll just send away for my bag of copywriting tricks you'll instantly find yourself living a carefree life in a luxurious seaside beach house complete with championship golf course... Olympic size pool... butlers... maids... and a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce.

Well get ready for a shock -- because instead of giving you a lot of BS about "the writer's life", I'm going to tear it to shreds. Unmercifully!

Truth be known:

It Wasn't Until I STOPPED Thinking Of Myself
As A Copy "Writer" That My Income Exploded!

See here's the deal ...

Whether you're an established or aspiring freelance copywriter looking for an edge... or an independent entrepreneur trying to hone your copywriting chops and light a sales bon fire under your business... you'll never reach your full potential in sales, profits, and personal satisfaction until you wrap your head around this:

Killer Copy = 20% writing, 80% strategy

Creating the conversion breakthroughs you're looking for as an online marketer... or making your career take off like a ballistic missile if you're a freelance copywriter... begins long before a single word hits the page... and ends well after the first sale is made.

It's a process. And because most copywriters don't understand this process, they end up blowing it. Freelancers get bullied by fee-balking, dumb ass clients who neuter your copy with endless revisions. And do-it-yourselfers throw up their arms in frustration because their copy falls flat.

So let's cut to the chase, and I’ll give you that process ... 

Successful online marketing and copywriting is nothing more than effective communication. It's simply a matter of positioning the right person... communicating the right message... to the right audience... at the right time... and in the right way.

That's it.

If you're struggling with your marketing... if you're not having the success you deserve selling your products online... if you feel you're not making nearly enough bling bling as a freelance copywriter... it's because you're missing something in one or more of these 5 areas. 

Either you're targeting the wrong market... your message is wrong... you're not positioning yourself properly... you're saying the right things in the wrong order... or your copy is boring, confusing, and people just don't believe it.

If you can systematically strengthen a promotion in these five areas, it almost always leads to blockbuster results. I call that my 5R System. More on that in a moment. For now, allow me to illustrate …

Suppose you're a fledgling freelancer copywriter. I want you to STOP RIGHT NOW and ask yourself something:


What Are You Doing
to Snag Your Next Gig?

And listen, if you’re not writing copy for paying clients and don’t plan to, please don’t tune out. The same principles apply to finding new customers for YOUR business, whatever it might be. Trust me.

If you're like most copywriters trying to break into the biz, you're cutting your teeth approaching big time marketers who do a lot of promotions. 

And at the first nibble, you’re sending out samples... offering to do spec assignments... quoting low fees... or making consignment offers where your compensation is based entirely on results. After all, that's what the gurus tell you to do, isn't it?

Well how's it working?

... Probably not as well you’d like, or you wouldn’t be reading this. 

If you had my system you'd know why, and exactly what to do about it.

You'd hold your strategy up to the 5Rs, and you'd see that it's fatally flawed.

Then you'd systematically alter your approach and watch your dance card fill up so fast it would make your head spin... until you're beating cash wielding clients off with a stick!

How do I know? Simple. I’ve been following this system for years — long before I started marketing online actually — and it’s made me millions. And it’s made my clients millions ...

Before I started using it, I was a flat broke and disillusioned commission sales rep. I was pounding the pavement, burning up shoe leather, facing rejection after rejection -- going nowhere fast.

When I discovered it, everything changed. My sales ballooned, and I quickly became successful. 

Since then I’ve used it to sell face to face... from the stage to groups... in direct mail and print advertising, and of course, now, on the Internet. 

So this is definitely not some kind of fancy pants Web 2.0 theory. It’s a systematic application of timeless, unchanging principles of human nature that can be adapted to virtually any theater of persuasion.

I've used it to sell a wide variety of products and services online -- including myclaytontestimonial own copywriting services. And I’ve proven its power in hundreds of high traffic scientific split tests that have allowed me to continually refine it into a well oiled, snarling, rip snorting cash piling machine!

And because I know what it's like to be financially frustrated, it's become my passion to share this powerful knowledge with other conversion-obsessed copywriters and marketers like you. 

It AIN'T just about writing. It’s about strategy. And giving yourself the most reliable, repeatable and predictable system for creating conversion breakthroughs in your marketing… from media selection, to targeting, to messaging, to the mechanics of your offer, and everything in between...

You can use it to become a MUCH more productive copywriter... a MUCH more effective marketer of your copywriting services... and a whole lot RICHER!

So here it is:

The Secret To Getting All The Plum Copywriting Clients You Can Handle …

Listen, if you're approaching prospective clients in this day and age on the phone... or through the mail... or advertising your services with Google Adwords, or in trade magazines and directories like most copywriters do, it’s no wonder you’re less than thrilled with the money you’re making.

You're not positioning yourself as the right person. And by extension, you’re not communicating the right message, at the right time, or in the right way. You've got at least 4 of the 5Rs totally ass backwards ...

You can send out all the darn samples you want. They could be written by Gary Halbert himself and it wouldn’t matter. 

Sure you might get some piddly ass little jobs here and there. But nobody who responds to this kind of marketing is going to give you the respect you deserve.

They’re going to haggle you on fees… put you in a creative straightjacket… bungle the implementation of your copy… and generally make your life miserable. Why?

Because you’ve given them all of the darn bargaining chips with your marketing!

You’ve got a big “sucker” sign on your forehead that says, “please hire me I’m desperate”, just like every other copywriter out there schlepping for business this way.

The same goes for just about any hyper-competitive service provider business you care to name. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling copywriting services or pruning shrubs. When you’re chasing customers, they’re mentally backing away from you.
By contrast, my 5R Web Conversion System teaches you how to use web media to position yourself magnetically in the locus of power… as the kind of person your ideal prospect would gladly crawl naked over broken glass to hire. How?

Here’s the million dollar secret: When it comes to selling professional services, it’s the person who is perceived to be in HIGH DEMAND and low supply thatvic people want to work with. It’s human nature, pure and simple.

People want what they think 
they can’t have. Ya dig?

Now I ask you: If you’re actively spraying and praying for customers… sending them direct mail… calling them up on the blower…  or advertising your services directly to every Tom, Dick, and Harry you can on Google and in trade mags and directories — does it look like you’re in high demand? HELL NO!

Why on Earth would any copywriter worth his or her salt do any of these things? Scrounging around for customers in the dirt like that is the epitome of dumbness. It's downright masochistic!

Listen, if you want all the high paying copywriting clients you can handle… falling all over each other to hire you… begging you to work with them… throwing money at you for a spot on your dance card... and doing what you tell them to do with their marketing so you make the royalties you deserve -- it's really pretty simple.

Become your own best customer, and create the demand.

Allow me to explain …

When you’re a competent freelance copywriter and someone hires you, what happens? 

You write them some killer copy. They take that copy into the marketplace and it sells millions. They pay you a tiny multiple of those sales. And then they shop the promotion around to other copywriters who try to beat your results. If one of them is successful, your royalties dry up.

If you hire yourself to write some killer copy for your own high margin product and it sells millions, what happens? That's right, YOU keep all of the profits!

Which would you rather have, 
5% or 10% of the profits,

Stay with me here, because with my 5R Web Conversion System, and the leverage available to you online, selling your own products is easier than you think. 

Let’s say you decide to create an information product about FX trading. Just for example. (It could be anything you have an interest in and can find a lucrative market for.) You build a highly profitable kitchen table business selling to that market. And you put dirt cheap automated systems in place that allow you to spend just a few hours each day maintaining and growing that business.

Then you start a second business showing other people how to grow their businesses. (Doesn't have to be in the same niche you're in, could be anything).

You give away free information to quickly build a list of followers… you sell a portion of them more detailed information… and you reluctantly sell a few of those buyers services to help them still further.

What are you doing?

You’re selling the same services that every other freelance copywriter is trying to sell, but your positioning is totally different — infinitely superior. Because you’re publishing information, people view you as a trusted expert.

You become a revered celebrity in the niche(s) of your choosing, and plum prospective customers bond to you like super glue. 

Now who’s in the driver’s seat?

RESULT: Instant respect. Clients chasing you. You're picking and choosing the ones you want to work with. They pay whatever you ask. And they do things your way — or hit the highway.

This is exactly the way I work. 

More to it than that, of course …

  • You have to know the secrets of targeting the kind of customers you want to work with ...
  • You have to get your messaging right, so they’re coming to you in the right frame of mind ...
  • And you’ve got to plant the right suggestions between their ears at just the right time in the sales cycle, and in just the right way. 

All of the 5R principles apply, just as they do in selling any other product or service.

See the power in what I’m saying here?

The vast majority of freelance copywriters are struggling like bloody starving artists, and there’s simply no need for it. But hey, they’re not the only ones eating Ramon soup and baloney sandwiches …

Most online entrepreneurs are working way too hard for far too little money because they just don’t understand these principles. Or if they do, they don’t have a system for applying them synergistically.

They’ve only been fed a small part of the puzzle when it comes to tapping into the gushing geyser of wealth that’s available to you online.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. 

You do NOT need to be a copywriting Einstein to build a super lucrative online business ... 

You just need a practical system to follow. Nothing is as important to your success! 

Here's why:alan

When you have my 5R System working for you, you have the power to solve virtually all of the nagging problems that prevent most people from making it online.

  • You have the power to create instant cash flow, because my system allows you to buy traffic for your business today... and see those dollars coming back to you tomorrow with customers attached — ready to buy again!
  • You have the power to solve your product sourcing and development problems, because my system quickly builds you a large and responsive list of customers to sell to. So there’s no more guesswork. Your customers happily tell you exactly what kind of products they want to buy!
  • And my system gives you instant traffic, because when you’ve positioned the right person... communicating the right message... to the right audience... at the right time... and in the right way... YOU can afford to pay for all the eyeballs you want. You’re getting your money back immediately with the sales that you make!

Think about that for a minute. Every time you increase your sales conversion martin the ratio of lookers to buyers — it means you spend less to acquire a new customer. 

If you’re smart, you’ll reinvest ALL of that money immediately to buy or attract MORE traffic to acquire even MORE new customers.

A hot, high converting online selling system buys you all the traffic you want!

Not only that, it attracts joint venture partners to your business like bees to honey, netting you even more traffic... because when your sales process works, and your list is big, and you’ve got great products, other marketers actively seek you out to co market with them. It’s a virtuous cycle.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Everything ties back to the effective execution of the principles detailed in my 5R Web Conversion System. People are calling it the most practical, step-by-step online selling system available.

Nothing is left to chance. You’ll have everything laid out in a simple, step-by-step, do-this-then-do-that fashion that allows you to excel quickly in any fertile market. 

My 5R System Is The World's First  Systematic Process For Producing Online Conversion Breakthroughs For Your Business! It's Unlike Anything Else You've Ever Experienced ...

MODULE 1 - The 5R System Manual

In module 1, I take you by the hand and guide you through the practical application of my 5R System, so you can begin supercharging conversion on all your promotions.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll discover ...
  •  How to laser target your audience, pinpointing the prospects who’ll be naturally and irresistibly drawn to the promise of your product or service …
  • The 17 crucial questions to ask yourself about your ideal prospect, and how to find answers…
  • What to say to your right audience to get them to click on your links, opt in to your database, and buy your products and services again and again …
  • How to position yourself or your spokesperson at the pinnacle of power within your niche ...
  • Why bonding multiplies the power of proof… and how to infuse your copy with positive personality …
  • 9 secret keys for bolstering personal credibility, and the credibility of your product, service, and business ...
  • Five graphic design enhancements for increasing the perceived competence, likeability, and trustworthiness of your spokesperson …
  • Four sure-fire ways to build an almost blinding rapport with your best prospects ...
  • How to sequence your sale message for maximum response …
  • Why less is sometimes more… and how to carve complexity out of your sales process for increased profits…
  • How to build a bridge of belief... gently extending your prospect's existing biases from where they are to where you need them to be  …
  • Why no fact, benefit, or advantage is an island unto itself… and how to interlock selling arguments into a power pyramid of persuasion …
  • What an irresistible promise often needs before it can generate profits. (If you’re wondering why people aren’t beating down your door for your clearly superior offer, here’s why.) …
  • How to improve the clarity of your copy, making it infinitely more captivating and believable ...
  • And much more!

All of it clearly organized and supported with detailed worksheets, templates, and examples that allow you to quickly implement my 5R System in your online marketing… so you can easily start generating more leads, attracting more customers, making more sales, and pulling more profits out of your business like clockwork!

MODULE 2 - 28 Power Selling Technologies That Can Make You RICH!

In Module 2, I give you 28 powerful selling technologies for supercharging the strategies outlined in module 1, and squeezing every last drop of response from your entire online presence. Here's a small sampling of what you're discovering ... miz 

Power Selling Technology #14 – How to Handle The Price Objection... (Memorize page 70 through 75)

Sell your products for maximum margins in minimum time with these little known secrets for neutralizing price resistance:

  • Why "who you are" speaks so loud your customers and prospects can’t hear a word that you’re saying …
  • Three common mindsets that neuter your copy and kill your response  ...
  •  The two ways your prospects "think" about their money …
  • Reduction to the ridiculous: How to explode value and trivialize price ...
  • And much more!

Power Selling Technology #15 – Banner Ad Dos and Don'ts ... (See Page 76)

Banner ads are a huge and largely untapped source of traffic, IF you know how to write effective banner ad copy and optimize your sales process. 

In this section you’ll discover 8 common reasons why banner ads fail… a three-step plan for getting clicks that actually make you money… and the most powerful banner ad response triggers for attracting a flood of super-qualified ready-to-buy prospects to your website!

Power Selling Technology #16 – The Mass Market Complex... (Laid bare on page 84)

brienYour prospects will be an open book when you have your hot little hands on this material. These are some of my most lucrative insights into the psychology of selling:

  • Secrets of unraveling your target buyer’s core complex through popular culture …
  • The power of reverse psychology in marketing …
  • How to use the “hero’s journey” and other archetypical story forms to win the hearts, minds, and wallets of your best customers and prospects …
  • And much more!

Power Selling Technology #17 – How to Brainstorm A Killer Headline For Your Current Promotion ... (Go straight to page 90)

Here's the fastest, easiest way to pull unique, attention grabbing headlines out of your hat that are in perfect alignment with your target audience's deepest desires:
  • Three questions that point you to hidden benefits latent within a product ...
  • Secrets to drilling down to the ultimate benefit and articulating it in a headline ...
  • How to fuse the proven syntax of the 100 greatest single-line headlines of all time into the big brawny multiple line heads required to thrive in today's over communicated markets ...
  • And much more!

Power Selling Technology #18 – The Secret Structure That Forms The Bedrock Of Every Successful Persuasion Attempt... (Look it up on page  103)

Where most novice copywriters mess up is in the presentation of benefits. They show up and throw up benefits before the prospect is ready.

YOAVPeople believe what they want to believe. Your first job is to peel the emotional paint off their minds so your sales argument can stick. In this module I give you a secret structure for doing just that, complete with detailed case studies. 

Power Selling Technology #19 – What a Sales Argument is and What it Isn't... (See page 108)

People act on emotion, and justify their decisions with logic. Here are the master keys to giving your prospects the air tight case they need to throw caution to the wind and pull the trigger on your offer:
  • What a sales argument is, and what it isn't ...
  • How an effective sales argument is charged, like an electrical circuit... and how to set the polarity just right ....
  • The secret sauce that dissolves doubt and installs conviction in the mind of your prospect faster than anything else ...
  • And much more!

Power Selling Technology #20 – Do You Make This Common Split Testing Mistake? (Find out on page 115)

  • Why split testing doesn't work for most people, and how a case of mistaken identity (champion or challenger) can touch off a not so funny comedy of errors in your business ...
  • How to zero in on the metrics that matter ...cage
  • Why so many online marketers have statistical validity all wrong... and a secret link to a tool that will tell you the truth ...
  • Plus more!

Power Selling Technology #21 – The True Nature of Words ... (See page 120)

Word choice can make or break a promotion, especially in a headline. Every word tells a story... evokes an emotion... plants a seed in the prospect's mind... and lends a certain rhythm and momentum to your copy. Here are just a few of the proven strategies I give you for creating word choices that sing and soar!
  • Six things to consider when every word counts ...
  • Two words to NEVER put on your order buttons that everyone does ...
  • How an ace trial lawyer twists words to win judges and influence juries ...
  • And much more!

Power Selling Technology #22 – The Most Important Skill You'll Ever Learn As An Online Copywriter ... (Discover it on page 127)

Copywriting is all about studying people and getting as emotionally close to them as possible, until sympathy for them is transformed into feelings of your own. Prepare to discover:
  • The essence of empathy, and why it smoothes the way to faster, more productive copywriting …
  • How to uncover the emotional outcomes your prospect’s are desperately longing for… so you can tie those feelings to your product at the hip …
  • The fastest way to build a dossier on your target prospects that keeps you 100% focused on what really matters to them …
  • And more! 

Power Selling Technology #23 – How to Slap Writer's Block Silly and Get Super Productive! (See page 132)

  •  How to walk around your project, visualizing it from a myriad of different perspectives until a flood of enlightened inspiration sweeps you away …
  •  How to use your physiology to annihilate writer’s block and unleash the hyper-productive speed copywriting demon you really are …
  •  How to put your sub-conscious mind to work writing copy while you sleep or goof off during the day …
  • And much more!

Power Selling Technology #24 – Make 'em An Offer They Can't Refuse ... (Details on page 137)

Most business people don’t realize it, but playing around scientifically with your offer is one of the easiest ways to increase sales. Yet most freelance copywriters accept their client’s offers "as is" crippling their chances of hitting an out-of-the-park home run.

In this section get ready to roll up your sleeves and stuff your kit bag full of tricks for crafting knock-out offers that make the cash register sing:

  • What every online marketer ought to know about the psychology of price…
  • Ten sure-fire ways to enhance perceived value, sales conversion, and dollars per click through the power of an irresistible offer …
  • How to stack and combine the most potent, proven blockbuster offer formats for explosive results …
  • And much more!

Power Selling Technology #25 – What to Do When "Stock" Headlines No Longer Work... (Discover the secret on page  142) julie 

Here’s where I spill all of my most advance readership secrets… giving you a breathtaking arsenal of ways to grab your prospect’s by the eyeballs and glue them to your copy from start to finish.

  • How to cement readership with your headline, even in saturated markets ...
  • How to bridge the gap from attention to readership in highly skeptical, over-communicated markets …
  • Five proven ways to slip under your prospect’s BS detection radar and get an opportunity to sell …
  • And much more!

Power Selling Technology #26 – The DNA of Online Persuasion ... (See page 146)

As a copywriter, you are the architect of your prospect’s dreams... a painter of a vivid new world... where your product or service emerges as the vehicle through which your prospects will satisfy the desire that caused them to stop and focus on your headline.

In this section you'll discover the DNA of online persuasion — a step-by-step process for activating your prospect’s powers of imagination and giving legs to their latent desires.

Power Selling Technology #27 – 16 Core Human Motivations and How to Leverage Them in Your Online Marketing...  (Full details on page 151)

Desire makes the world go round. It's what makes web marketing work. You don't create it. But you have incredible power in your hands when you know how to channel it. And it all starts when you know:

  • The two fundamental classifications of desire — one the product ofpunkre human nature, the other nurture …
  • The 16 core human motivations and how to leverage them in your marketing...
  • How to identify and magnify these prime motivations... and amplify desire to a fever pitch …
  • Plus more!

Power Selling Technology #28 – All The Web's a Stage! Your Prospects Are The Players, Performers, and Portrayers ... (Flip to page 157)

The compulsion to express our identity as human beings forms a profound force that touches every product you will ever wish to sell. And it's something you can actually “manufacture” into a product.

Sometimes that identifying power is a product's prime selling feature. And it can give you a decided competitive advantage when two products stack up functionally identical in price and performance. 

Here's where I give you:

  • A rich new vocabulary of dreams to entice and entrall your best online prospects …
  • The yin and yang of human desire …
  • How to use "the identification factor" to sell premium priced, high margin products …
  • And much more!
As you can see, these Power Selling Technologies are a veritable treasure trove of inspiration, ideas, and true guidance for extracting every last drop of online conversion available to you. And I've barely scratched the surface.

Plus there’s more …

MODULE 3 - Headline Swipe File

Module 3 gives you my cherished headline swipe file. Inside you’ll find a dizzying array of control busting headline templates for you to adopt and adapt to your own personal selling situation.susan

My 5R headline swipe file is much more than the typical collection of winning headlines. It includes the exact lay out and supporting copy (pre-heads, fascination bullets, sub-heads etc.) that made these headlines great.

MODULE 4 - Long Copy Element Swipe File

Module 4 gives you my fully indexed and searchable collection of riveting opening paragraphs... red hot offer copy... power value build-ups... risk reversals... killer bullets... PS’s... and more to mold and model. 

All of them painstakingly selected based on their adaptability to a wide variety of selling situations.

The copy in these swipe files is priceless! 

And to tie off any remaining lose ends ...

MODULE 5 - Putting It All Together

I’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand new manual that goes above and beyond to make absolutely certain you get maximum value from my entire 5R System ... 

Module 5 takes one of my most successful promotions, responsible for converting an astonishing 10% of the website visitors who saw it into paying customers, and tears it apart in microscopic detail, showing you exactly how, why, and where each of the 5R System principles was applied.

No stone is left unturned as I take you behind the scenes to point out all of the invisible subtleties that made this promotion a blockbuster success.

And as if that's not enough, I've created a whole series of look-over-my-shoulder video tutorials to literally guarantee you internalize all of my most powerful persuasion secrets -- as fast as humanly possible.

Video Tutorial #1I’m showing you my proven research process screen-by-screen. You’re seeing exactly how to select the very best target audience for your product or service… and how to discover that audience’s psychological hot-buttons.

Video Tutorial #2I’m showing you how to transform raw research into a persuasive copy outline. You’re watching me every step of the way as I reverse engineer a winning sales argument section-by-section, pre-head to P.S. — and everything in between.

Video Tutorial #3I’m showing you how to create a “persona” that makes people want to buy. You’re seeing all of my most effective techniques for positioning yourself as a trusted, expert advocate for your prospects to believe in.

Video Tutorial #4I’m showing you how to sequence a multi-step, multi-media marketing campaign for maximum response. You’re witnessing firsthand how I plan, organize and execute “event style” campaigns that result in a rush of new customers on virtual autopilot.

Video Tutorial #5I’m showing you how to bring the features, advantages, and benefits of your product or service to life through archetypal storytelling. You’re watching over my shoulder as I demonstrate how to breathe emotional tension and irresistible intrigue into even the most dry, boring and technical products to double sales literally overnight!

What's Just One Income 
Exploding Idea Worth To You?

You can have all this for just $1,497. I shouldn’t have to justify this tiny investment (heck we're talking about $4.10 a day over the next year). 

Frankly, if you don’t understand the value of having a proven, systematicchad process for cutting months, or even years off your learning curve, and literally guaranteeing a profitable result with each of your campaigns from here on out, my 5R System probably isn’t for you.

  • On the other hand, if money is tight, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to point out that if you’re selling a $50 product, one measly additional sale per day will bring your investment back to you in under a month. 
  • One additional sale of a $100 product per day brings your money back in just 15 days. 
  • With a $250 product, your break even is just 6 days. Beyond that, we’re talkin' gravy... SERIOUS GRAVY!

Work the numbers and you'll soon see my 5R System could easily put an additional $50,000… $100,000… maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket this year alone, dwarfing your tiny investment. No joke!

The upside is monumental! And with my bullet-proof take-it-to-the-bank guarantee, the downside is ZERO, ZIP, NADA...

Don’t Decide Now!
Put It To This $30,000 Test,
And Then Decide ...

Here’s my solemn pledge to you. Use my 5R System… put it to the test in yourgaur business… and you WILL make a TON more money online -- GUARANTEED!

Put it to work in your copywriting business... and you WILL make SERIOUS cash as a freelance copywriterGUARANTEED!

In fact, if after putting my system to the test for up to 1 FULL YEAR you’ve failed to make back your meager investment at least 20 times over — yes, that’s $30,000 in your pocket you wouldn’t have had otherwise — then obviously my 5R Web Conversion System wasn’t for you. And I’ll buy it back from you for every penny you paid!

YOU are the sole judge, jury, and if necessary, executioner. No hoops and loops to jump over. No proof that you tried any of the many strategies I’m giving you. I’ll take you at your word. Just send the manuals back to me, and I’ll issue a full refund, no questions asked.

Now I ask you: What could possibly be fairer than that?

Click here to reserve your no-risk trial copy of my 5R Web Conversion System right now!

Imagine waking up in the morning and checking your in-box to find dozens of sale notifications from your shopping cart. How would it feel to know you’ve made thousands of dollars in your sleep and that all of your bills are more than covered before you even start the day?

If you’re writing copy for paying clients, imagine having a waiting list, and being able to pick and choose the projects you’ll work on. Imagine dictating the terms of the deal, and the fees you’ll charge.

Picture what it would be like to have enough financial freedom to just blow off work and spend the day... the rest of the week... or even the next couple of months just hanging out with your family... doing whatever you love to do.

Would that make you a hero in your own home? Of course it would!

This should be one of the easiest decisions
you've made in your entire life ...

  • You’ve seen how having a systematic process for creating a superior sales strategy can dramatically increase the amount of money you make, BOTH as a freelance copywriter AND marketer …
  • You’ve seen from the testimony of my students and private clients how putting my 5R Web Conversion System to work in your online marketing can easily double, triple, or even quadruple your sales and profits  …
  • You’ve seen why most freelance copywriters are beating their heads against a wall with outdated, ineffective client attraction methods… and how my 5R Web Conversion System gives you an almost unfair advantage over them …PHIL
  • You’ve seen how my 5R Web Conversion System is probably the world’s most practical, easy to follow, reliable, and predictable online selling system in existence...
  • And you've seen how I'm taking all of the risk here, removing any reason for hesitation. My 5R Web Conversion System must put at least $30,000 in your pocket over the next year — new dollars you wouldn’t have otherwise made — or it’s FREE!

What, still reading? OK, I admit this isn't for everyone, and I'm not going to go all heavy on you here in the close. Either you're ready for this or you're not. 

I realize there are those who take issue to making large sums of money seemingly overnight... finding it morally reprehensible... or simply beyond what they've given themselves permission to envision. Perhaps you're one of them, and I respect your decision.

On the other hand, if you're the kind of person who doesn't mind the prospect of pulling out all the stops to create one sales explosion after another... and have no inhibitions about leveraging those successes into massive wealth for yourself and your family ...

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